John mark

My name is John Mark
I’m 10
But that’s not important
What’s important
Is the fact that I hate breakfast
I’m almost certain breakfast
Started from prison
The getting up early

Who needs that kind of stress
In their day
Especially if it’s summer
But whatever
My parents say it’s important
To eat so I “grow strong ”
I defy them on this subtle conditioning
Why grow strong?
So I can join the slave machine of corporate America and capitalism,
No thanks.
Mom usually gives me the stare when I say this
But since I have to meet Dillon
At the phone booth today
I guess I should eat my waffles

This is where things got weird
Because these were a Belgium recipe
And I think they must use some special ingredient
Because as soon as I ate my waffles
I felt different
Started thinking in french
Like,I grabbed a napkin and wrote
In french….

When I finally met up with Dillon
He had a Dutch candy bar in his backpack and I decided I would test my theory out
And after eating it
I could speak Dutch
Man,this was way weird.

But boy
Just think what I could do with this.

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