Living Things

Take the path
Of least resistance
It only makes sense
Mass produce
common sense

Think for yourself
Unless it’s different

You need a phone with more energy

a “like” button for that news video
Empty vessels
Dormant,drowning in so much hyperbole

Hurry hurry
Out here on the wire
don’t know where we’re going
we are busy
Generalising living things

So take what you need
Don’t put yourself
On that cross in front of me,darling.
I may just cut it down.
Don’t put me on that throne
I may not wear the crown

Doesn’t anyone ?
Want to see what’s in the lost and found?
Doesn’t anyone
Remember rock and roll…
The days of old
Sweat the blood
The ‘fuck it’ all?
And you still had a brain

I could use a real story
With less resentment
I’d like to hear a perspective
Over some Indian
Or fish tacos and vodka
Without all the crucifying

Do you know what you are made of?
Have you ever picked at your skin?
Are you afraid of the sight of your blood?

Come closer
Than that


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