“Learn to hold loosely all that is not eternal.”
A.M. Royden

Ash covered houses
The stars are on fire
I think to myself
For the the first time
In a long time
The heavens are
Better than whatever’s left
Of us here
And the moon is down
All but gone

And you speak
With your voice just like thunder
Your eyes burning like
I know what you’re doing
What did you think you were
Doing …

And the streets are flooding
as we wade through empty
Furniture and chairs
There’s a refrigerator over there
The blood’s not so bad
Once you get used to it
From the inside of buildings
We’ll never see…

Do you remember?
Cutting the rose
Over on 8th street
Look at the window seal
I think it’s still there….

This is how
We fade into memory
When bad news
Is delivered
From faces that don’t give a damn
Maybe we’re just used to
Bad news
And maybe
nothing is remembered
What have we become

So maybe I’m not shocked
When I don’t get an answer
Maybe I don’t want to know ….
But the moon is still there.


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