A haunting

journal entry
October 15

Says she’s infested
From the inside
Like a virus
A tape worm
At her skin
Screaming about voices
In the walls

I think my Anna
Needs help
The Dr says she’s fine
She’s been acting strange
Staring …
Into blankness
While chopping vegetables
She was chopping into her fingers
Only to apologize numbly
Later I walked in on her
Clawing at the walls
Mumbling about scratching
And voices
I couldn’t get her to calm down

We slept together
It was like an acid trip
Her eyes were dead pools
Her fingernails clawing into my skin
She wasn’t there
I woke up
I woke up
I heard singing in the kitchen
I heard movement
I heard dishes
I walked in…
To her hanging from the ceiling

Woke up
Hearing Anna call him
I stopped him just outside my bedroom
“She’s calling me,mothers calling me”
I didn’t tell him I could hear her too

I can’t sleep
I hear footsteps
I see my Anna standing in the Corner
She doesn’t say anything

Oct 28

She’s hanging from the ceiling
She’s walking in the halls
I’m going behind her
Closing all the doors
There’s someone in the walls
I hear her calling out to Ronnie
I can’t stop him anymore
There’s a little girl
By the stairs
Playing with a kitten
Ronnie loves
Kittens …
She has dead pool eyes ….
I can’t help him …
I can’t help me…

I heard her calling him
I was going to get up
But Anna is standing by my bed …


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