The fine art of texting

I sent this as
A text earlier to friends
Every year more
Potato chips
Are replaced by air

Yet I continue to eat them
It’s disgusting I know




But because of these Koreans
And their lone raft
I feel liberated
I feel like I have a voice again


Potato chip companies!


the fine art of texting
What you just read was a text
I just sent to a friend of mine
I love that you can put gifs
In texts
I hate that FB is still a dick
About it though
a picture that moves?
Why don’t you want a
Picture that doesn’t move?
have an oversized emoji

they don’t even understand
It’s on my phone
It’s moving
And I try to share it in the messenger
And you kill it…
That’s what I love about technology
It’s run by nerds
Nerds understand
I mean they can’t help it
Governments want to use their
Technology to watch us
“Oh we can read conversations”
Most of those are drunk texts
And conversations about cats

all we want are
little moving reaction pictures

That’s all it takes to entertain us …

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