The one about growing up

I was talking with a friend
The other night
And she was like
“Here’s something new
Apparently it’s poor
Etiquette to text someone
After 9pm”

And I was thinking
“Oh yeah,I remember that”
Which surprised even myself
Because I used to be awesome
Growing up
I used to have manners
Talking late at night to
A holiness girl
I would be like
it’s 9pm so I’m going
To let you go to bed now.
Because it’s the right thing to do
And she would be like
“Ahhh I’ll miss youuu”
And I would be like
“I’ll miss you too”

And the next day we’d pick it up
“I thought about you
So much last night”

But after you hit like
You don’t give a shit
It’s 2am
You’ve been drinking

You’re like
“Hey,woman.its 2am and I just drank a lot of beer”
And they’re like
“Oh going to get a thousand messages and pins from Pinterest!”
And you’re like
“What else is there?
I’m drunk and you’re the only thing on my mind.”

You just don’t care
You’re pretty straight forward with
All of your intentions
And conversations
It’s just so much easier
That people see your crazy
Before they put you in a glass box
For their mantle
Of awesome people.

I mean yeah
you think you blew it
89 percent of the time
That is
Until you get their messages at 2am
And you’re the only thing on their mind
And they just wanted to remind you
They have sand in their belly button
And it’s national vodka day.

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