Little girls laughing

based on actual events
It follows you home

Image origin (unknown)

When I was little I used to see
This little girl
She looked just like my sister
In a blue dress
She would stand outside in the field
Just staring at the house
I asked my mother about her
But she just laughed
Until one day
Everyone was gone
home alone
I was doing laundry
When i heard
A little girl
I looked outside the window
And saw a girl dancing
And then run around the house
A blue dress flashing by
The door
I felt a nervous chill
Run through the house
I looked around
It was laying on the couch empty
My sisters dress

A few years
All of us girls got together
For drinks
When Jessica pulled out a Ouija board
She said she had found it
Marian was nervous
But we all thought nothing of it
It was just drinks and fun
Marian had just had her fourth
So when it spelled out her child’s name
We stopped
Looking at each-other
Jessica’s phone started ringing
It was Marian
I asked her
“What are you doing?”
She looked at me scared
Putting it on speaker phone
We listened
A child crying in the background
We ran out of the house
To the car where Marian left her phone
It was dead….

I haven’t had another experience
In a while
Until I was writing
The other night
Home alone
My keyboard started
Writing it’s own

I froze
Feeling chilled
I got up and turned off my light
laying down I turned over
To the face of the dead little girl
From my childhood.

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