lettres de guerre #9

(Origin:Robert Frank)

I understand your darkness
It’s quite alright
The world is
Coming apart
The governments are
Black listing families
Anyone who helps these families
Are black listed
And refused any help as well
On top of this
Marriages like ours
Are taking forever
To file for immigration
Because it’s us
With the Americans
They won’t out right defy america
But they will
Take their time
Some women have been waiting
For years …
We fear we will never leave this place ….
I feel like this most
At night
I feel this gray
But for color

I saw a girl yesterday
She made me think of you
She was cleaning the kitchen
And couldn’t get a spot to come clean
Her mother shook her head
“Use some elbow grease!”
I came back in from reading
And laughed
She was looking hysterical
Through the kitchen
And asked
“I can’t find the elbow grease
Where do we keep it?”

Think of me Charlie
Think of me
Next to you
in the morning
In our flat
Tangled together
Limb for limb
With wine

It’s almost Christmas
I can’t help but romanticize the snow
I can’t help but write you
Letter for letter
You will come back to me
There will always be shadows
I will love you even in blindness
And if your hands have scarred
I will remind them
Of their maps
On my skin
Of how to touch me.
I will mend you.


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