Lettres de guerre #end

Origin (unknown)

journal entry

I walk the city
I once knew
It fades
All around me
The people
The graves outside
I am hollowed
But I am looking
With anxious eyes
I can’t remember anything
Very clear
What is different ?
What’s the same ?
And then
At the end of the street

I see her
In the garden
Flowers in her hair
She brushes her
Stubborn strands out of
Her eyes
And my heart
Is beating
I’m not as callous
As I feared
It’s not as dark as I believed
She is standing
Over there
Right there
And I am running now…
I am
Forgetting to breathe
Afraid that I will wake up
Before I touch her
I feel the earth
I see the people fading
I see her right there
I see her
I reach out
Her arms
Her lips
Her eyes
The salt of
Her tears
Her finger tips
This is real.
We are here.


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