maison de verre

Glass House
Image origin

Among the artist
In the city
The ‘feelers’
They keep bleeding
And all the
They keep running
And all your
They keep returning
You know you’re not well
Your mind is bleeding
It’s the pressure
Maybe it’s swelling
And all the nightmares
They keep returning
Just in the corner
It’s a wet blanket
It’s a timeline
It’s a shadow
It’s a legion

And all the rows of books
On the shelves
You keep counting
And all the Dr’s questions
They keep rotating
And you keep counting
And is this normal
Is this safe

And so you’re just asking
Is it worth it?
Will you be enough?
Is this too much?
Is this fair?
Who cares
It a micro issue
It’s a shadow
It runs in the family
It’s chemical
But influential
And now you’re walking
In the city
The rain keeps falling
But you don’t mind
It blankets
All the static
In your mind
And you don’t feel
The one time
When you feel normal
Like everyone else

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