The slow sound of dripping
Finally,she got up to check
The bathroom
She lived alone
In this house
She froze at the door
Her hand at the handle
water splashed
She could hear it
A chill moving through
The door
Opening slowly
The lights off
The water splashed again
She reached out for the light switch
Feeling the wall
The air was ice
The shower curtain was closed
Walking to the tub
She pulled the shower curtain back slowly
There was a thick
As she saw the tub was empty
But suddenly the water changed
to blood
Her throat closed she couldn’t scream
Trying to back out
Closing the door
Turning she saw
two kids
just standing
in the hall
Staring past Her
Hearing a chain rattle
And the familiar sound of water
She turned around
There hanging
Was a woman still wet
Then she saw her face
Like a reflection
Or photograph
It was herself
She was seeing herself

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