The fire was rising higher
Licking the trees above us
The cold moving in
Around me
I looked to my right
As my cousin set the
Pillar ablaze
His eyes were glass…
Helena’s screams reached
Well beyond us …my heart was racing her face was disappearing
I couldn’t watch …
I looked away
Darion was dragging
Kicking with a busted mouth
to the third pillar
He tossed her
slamming his fist into her throat
“quiet fucking bitch!
bring me the rope
And sometime today dammit!”
I was sick
I couldn’t breathe
You could smell flesh
And hear it burning
Against the cold
Melissa was restrained
He leaned forward
” I’m gonna let you pray”
He placed a blade to her throat
As she started whispering
My eyes started burning again
My head hurting
I grew cold
Then all at once
I felt the blade
slit her throat
It was just enough
To keep her from screaming
He leaned forward
Staring into her eyes
As they glazed over
“God doesn’t talk to women…witch”
He dropped the torch

fog was moving through the valley
As we rode
To the next village
I looked over to the edge of the tree line
You could see the fog shifting
As men lined the water
I looked over to my cousin
“Who are they? ” I asked
He looked straight ahead
His face went grim
“We’ve awoke something evil”
something cold
Moved inside me
As we waited
You could hear a kind of
fish jumping in the water
And then Silence ….
As fog rose
And then I saw it

shadows moving
Slowly across
I grew colder
They moved with the air
And then disappeared
Falling against us silently
All I could see was blood
I stood there watching
As my eyes burned
Everything fell into a vortex
Blurred but
I heard
As men were reaching
Screaming again
I felt a hand touch me
I looked down
A shadowed figure
above my cousin
He pierced his chest
Gripping his
Heart crushing it

Slowly turning
To me
He rose
I tried to move
I tried to run
But everything was blurred
And cold
And my eyes were burning
And then I heard
Through the air around me
A voice
Like he was pacing me
In a circle

“You’re focused on the light
Look through the shadow.forget the light”

I looked up at the moon
It’s light fell across us
And then I saw the shadows
And I faded into it
Moving between the light
Nothing was blurred
Only vivid…

Origin unknown

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