I love my family
They are -we- are unique
We all write
Some of us less than others
I remember finding
A draft for
A love letter
In one of my notebooks
My brother who claimed
He hated writing
But it was for his fiancé
I hated it
it was fucking better
Than anything I’ve
Ever written haha
But the one I really get along with
Is my sister
She is four score and seven years
My senior
But she looks
Like she’s 29 or 27
A writer
And a bartender
She’s a badass

She used to tell me about getting drunk
Regardless of how
You act
When drunk
It is the great equaliser
I’ve always been really prideful
Of the fact that I’ve never
Been sick after drinking
But you know what they say
About pride …
That’s right.

Last night
I got drunk
I wasn’t trying
I simply had a migraine
And nothing would make it
Go away
So I drank some vodka
And then some beer
And then I passed out
I felt ok
You don’t
Consider your last meal
In these situations
You don’t realise
You will not
Desire food
For many many hours
Or hydration for that matter
It doesn’t cross your mind
So it’s hard to really
Where this really begins
The soup
Or the migraine?
Or maybe that final beer?

I woke up
You know
Like cancer patients do
After their first chemo ….
I don’t remember
How I got to the bathroom
With the world spinning
I do remember thinking
About old people dying
And blood and feces
I think it had to do with
Something I had read maybe …
And I remember
My friend saying he used to drink
Water lots of water
And I remember hating everything
But loving that damn hard wood floor

And then somehow
I made it back to bed
And I woke many hours later
But the world
Felt very much the same
And I really believed
I must have died
And woke up on Mars
And I could see my
Badass sister
And she said ….
Something very profound
I remember it from
That time she got drunk
On wine ….
“Get a V8”
And I said
Yes obi wan


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