Last night
I read a book report for someone
In school
They emailed it to me
Asking me to check it for them
I panicked
Only for a moment
Thinking …
“don’t you know I’m not
A Real writer? I’m only pretending!”
But then I got over it….
My email looks more like
A trash bin with emails
From foreign kings
And European lotteries
I should have cashed in
On those ….

I have a stack of books beside
My bed and couch
Dracula is once again at the top
Of my list…

What does this mean?
It means
That in spite of the time change ,
It is none the less
And I am a winter person
Dress in layers
Drink coffee
Eat food
Hang out inside
Watching things
Writing things
Reading things
Which is rare for me
When I was younger
I could sleep anywhere
A doctors office
The floor
The car
I slept while driving for while
(I don’t advise that on any level)
But not anymore
Now it’s rare

If I want to go outside it feels
You have the train tracks
You can walk on
For ages
And late at night
It really sparks some ideas

So yes
Is my time of year
Jack Frost
Was always my favorite
The isolation
Was something I understood
Some people are summer
I have nothing against summer
I am very social
I too enjoy
The sun
But I really
Really like the winter
you know
The holidays
And then I’m ready for spring
So yes
If you’re born
In November
Happy Birthday

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