I need your help

I’m having a bit of writers
Which is uncanny
And not cool
At all
Completely unacceptable
I need your help
I want to know
More about you
What’s going on with your week
What the weather is like
Where is your favorite place to go
To relax
The worst nightmare
You had as a child
Give me something
In a comment
That is vivid
And it doesn’t have to be long
Just a bookstore
The worst street you know of
The best coffee in town
Anything at all

Thanks so much
I’ll post New York 2


6 thoughts on “I need your help

  1. Favorite place to go: a used book store finding gems that someone else discarded but that become a treasure with vibrant energy with the turning of a page! 🙂

  2. I have questions… How do particles of dust find each other and bond together as friends to become a giant dust ball ready to take over the world?
    Why does my child stare at an empty dark corner and smile…
    Where do thoughts unspoken go? Irretrievably lost…
    What are people rushing about do, trying to get done ? Lost empty faces, strained haggard expressions, stop and have a coffee? Watch each other unwinf

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