I love kids
They will tell you anything
And they are honest
Can Scare you
But you just have to know
How to talk to them
Which means –
Talk to them
You know,like they’re a person
Not a coin operated doll
(Which would be the scariest shit
Hands down,keep that away from me)

There was this woman I knew
And she had a little girl
And we were all out in the pool
And I was watching her
You know,
Because it was hot
And I’m a guy and she was a woman
And there was water …
And her daughter
Was like …”hey”
And grabs my face
Keep in mind she’s like
6 or 7
And she says
“It ain’t gonna happen”

I died right there
I almost drowned

But Children
Are cool
Adults see your tattoos
And they’re like
What’s that
What’s it mean
Why’d you get it
What kind of ink is it?

Kids? Forget it
They’re like
“Hey! What’s that on your arm?
A library stamp ?
That’s weird
You’re weird
But I guess it’s cool…
Did it hurt?”

That’s how it goes down

And then you have those that think you’re cool
And they sing you all the disney songs
From frozen
And introduce you to their friends
Like you’re somebody cool
Cause to them you are
You have important conversations
What did you dress as for Halloween ?
When’s your birthday?
Who is better
Iron man or batman ?
You may even accidentally
Tell them new words
That they probably shouldn’t know
This one time
I was talking to a friend
And her little boy
Was reading
And I said
A word
I shouldn’t have said
And he launches out
With this word
Echoing me
Full volume
I died
I died in the floor
You think
They’re not listening
But damn
Are you wrong
Like so wrong
They are watching television
When you think they are not
Taking notes
“Son of a bitch!”
Followed with laughter on TV
Must be funny
So they use it
At the next event
That everyone in your family is going
To be at
And if it doesn’t get a laugh
They must be using it wrong
So they try it differently
Adding a hand motion
Like pointing

They really
Make working with the public
A lot less stressful
I’m telling you the truth

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