New York #3

Right here
At thanksgiving
It’s freezing
And all I want is my muffin
That’s it
But a hand flashes in front of
My face
And takes it from me
It’s Rachael
jumping ahead of me
With my muffin
All full of energy
She owns her own
Gym and nutrition place
Or thing
It’s very foreign to me
“If you want it
You have to work for it
Come on!”
She’s laughing and running ahead of me – backwards…
“Dammit…” I breathed
“Shhhhit! Come on its negative 20 out here ! if I move I’m going to tear something I much rather prefer
Slowly freezing with my muffin.
It’s more acceptable than breaking
Like porcelain ….”
She pouted,her nose crinkling
With disappointment
“Oh fine Achilles …have your muffin
You are quite the warrior”

“I’m Not laughing,I’m not laughing…
I’m ready to get to the bar so we can eat Annabel’s food and wrap things
Can we do that? Let’s do that.
No one dies from death temps
And exposure.”

“Oh christmas it’s overrated
I hate the cold but I still run
I make this body what it is.”

She was messing with me

“Listen you communist,I love Christmas and muffins
And fires
I like the cold
I just happen to be aware
Of when my blood is
Like ice…
Where’s your american spirit?
This is a time for sleeping
And getting fat
Not running and health.
Indulgence! Dammit.
That’s euphoria!”

“Yeah,sounds like diabetes
and no sex to me..I don’t like it”
She laughed and ran
inside my sister’s bar …
I sighed,Jesus I need to find some dudes to start hanging out with…

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