The Astronaut’s wife #2

Origin unknown

Our galaxy died
When our sun died
Everything froze
And then
The comets came
And earth
Well we lost her

Space is empty
We can still
Out of the old Galaxy
It’s called Google now
It’s just an encyclopedia
Of knowledge floating in space

I can spend hours sifting through it
When I was younger
I would have to be forced
To do anything else
I would stay in the library
And search away

Log 2055 Juin 17th
Day (456)

Space is cold, K
There’s nothing to hold
There’s no human touch
There’s no you
Burying your face in my neck
In the morning
There’s no you
Laughing at my clumsiness
There’s no you
To hold
Space is empty
I will always come back to you

You gave me a three year mission
To explore life
In this new galaxy
To seek out
Like our ancestors did before us
I marvel at the vastness of space
And the question of life…
I am captain of
And I feel like I am falling behind
I miss you
I worry
That I am forgetting
How to be human
Trapped in this vessel


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