The Moon Tree


There once
Was a village
On the side of a glen

In the midst
Of a drought
You’d forget
Where you’ve been
And wander
Until you
We’re famished
To the bone

Until the moon came
Out at 3am
Then you could see it
If you were lucky
The moon tree
There in the valley

Shining brightly
Drawing you in

At first
You would try to reach it
But there were so many
Steep slopes
And thick fog
And the draygons
Moved in the shadows
Here outside the Rim
Anything could
And usually did

Many would say
Is what killed
Not the tree itself
But what it brought

Here in the hunger
The dust
And the dark
It’s fruit
And it’s light
Caused you to attempt
The flight
And be cut down
In the road
By many witches
Waiting with red eyes

Until the day
A soldier
Younger than most
Ran across the tree
By accident
It was night
And the fog was thick
When he saw its light
And moved toward it

Hearing sounds
Of laughter
Alongside him
He pulled his sword
And took his pistol

There in the road
Appeared two eyes
“I will have your heart on a stake
I will drink your blood
From my cup before this clock
Strikes 12”

The soldier waited
And waited
Her hair
long and silver in the moonlight
He called on the tree
With its perfect illumination
He asked for wisdom
And he asked for light
But got nothing
Instead only confusion
So he asked the witch
“Why not come into the light
I don’t see so well”
When she refused vehemently
He knew what he must do
He talked his way closer to the tree
And picking its fruit
He bragged on
His delicious
From his journey abroad
The witch growing curious
And then jealous
Demanded a taste

He offered timidly
“I don’t know …”
“I’ll take it! It’s mine!”
She hissed
Grabbing it with her thin,veined hands

“Well,I don’t understand,trickery! This is only an apple!”
She screeched
“No no you have to eat it”
“Well,only a bite and then I’ll have your blood!! You’ll see”
She moved through the shadows
Her eyes glimmering red
He waited hearing her bite down
On the apple
With a burning hiss
Light cut through the fog
Her high pitched
And shattering wail
As light cut through her
It was as he expected
Her weakness was light

Grabbing his axe
He cut down the tree
And continued on his journey
If you’re lucky
You still see
A pillar of light
Under a full moon
but be weary
Of the glimmering
Red eyes
Beside you
On your way
Evil things use
Beauty to feed

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