Someone wrote
Israel was better off without a Jew
And I thought about
How we try to write
Profound things
And we try to turn
Pain and blood and ash
Into poetry

Steve Schapiro
The Worst is Yet to Come, New York, c. 1968

I want to write simple things
Because I’m tired of the way we
Create new things
I’m tired of the way we collect
I don’t see star dust
In my skin
That’s the thing
I see ash …
I’m ready to grow old
I’m ready to do nothing
I’m ready to sleep
Someone once wrote
That artist just want to be seen
They want to feel safe
And I would have to agree
Is a very good thing
Free to express
And even just – be
I think we all
Are slowly becoming un-young
And we need safe people
I can have very dark
Running deep inside me
I can have fire in my eyes
I can be silent
And I can speak …
She has so much soul
Burning like iron
In her blood
I love her
In a way
That I don’t even
Can’t even…
She see’s me
That’s all I know

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