The Astronaut’s Wife #3

Origin (unknown)

Log 2055
Day (1000)
There are no more
There is only
Here at the edge of space
Has time ….reversed itself?
Is space closing in on itself?
There is a darkness to space
That connects to your humanness
I made a connection
On our last planet
They actually asked about us
They had deduced us
To ash
Merely archaic and crass …

There is a room
In my dreams
It’s always closed

I think I should open it
I feel like I have the key
K,I need to know what to do….


The screen flashes
It’s projection
In my eyes
And I can see her
Sitting at the table
Drumming her fingers
And looking
At me in that very content
But indifferent manner
And I know
Inside what she’s going to say
She did this while we were dating
She did this in college
I’ve seen it before
You see
You are not matured by years
You are matured by Damage
What I can tell you
about life
Is simple
It is processed
In the body
Like pain
And that’s all you need to know …
She drums her fingers
The screen flashes
My chest convulsing
I’m on the floor
And her voice
Echoes through
The emptiness
Here in space
until all I see
Is an empty room
The curtain
the door ….

We vaccinated you
With the Phoenix trial…
This destroys the human cells
Rebuilding them to behave
Like a virus
Continually recreating themselves
At an accelerated speed
To their environment

It’s a slow process
And the body
It dies…
when you wake up
You will not be the same
Our probe
Was never the vessel
It was the species
Inside the vessel
You are the probe
I’m sorry dear
I know. ..
Space is lonely
And you are in pain
But that’s just biology
It happens
Let it go
you have to walk through
That door
This has been my goal
And my dream
You can’t be
All your heroes
You are not Jim kirk
There is no earth
There is more space …
Walk through the door ….

All I see is fire
my body breaking down
all I feel
Is the wind in the curtain
All I see is the door….


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