‘So maybe Archimedes didn’t burn down all the ships with a ray reflected from the sun
But he could have blinded them
And snuck a small ship in there and set them ablaze …you just don’t know .
You know,like in the bible when they tunneled underneath the wall and no one knew it’

Our mother shakes her head
‘That wasn’t in the bible
They never tunneled
They drained the moat’

My older sister looks at her
And then me
And back again

‘Oh wait,that was a Canterbury tale!’

“Your brother got a knife for Christmas”
Our oldest brother stops And slamming his hand on the counter
‘He did!
I never could get those things for Christmas
A lot of things I never got actually…
You couldn’t even get an African nativity…
He mimics our late father
With his hands …

Later we all gather around the kitchen
And watch mom cook
Baked beans and ham
“Soup is my favorite thing”
Our younger brother says suddenly
“Except for egg soup
I do not like egg soup..”
Everyone looks at him
What does that have to do with ham?
“Nothing …I just like soup”

This day will end
with private conversations outside between my sister,my brother and myself…
They will be smoking
I will not …
It’s another year
Another moment
With the addition of
A couple of families
And faces
My brother is married
My mom is married
Everyone is happy
If it’s real quiet
You can hear everyone’s heartbeat
You can feel that force
We made it
Not just through
The year
But through life


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