Make the sleeping arrangements you’re under house arrest

I wish I could get back all the naps i refused as a child
That would be the thing to do
I feel like
The closest I’ll ever get
Is probably house arrest
It wouldn’t even be a punishment for me
Especially if I could just sleep
All the time.
Because that’s what I would do.
I always say I will write
But instead I sleep
Which I have to say is
Far better than not sleeping
Because I did that too
For a number of years
It all happened in my dark years
Of “self evaluation”

I remember it well
She was a photographer with red hair
And she asked me what kind of music I liked
As she casually mentioned Nine Inch Nails,Puscifyer and Tool
I said something I thought would sound profound
Like “oh Life is depressing enough as it is..I only listen to music that makes me feel good.”
And then I wrote down The Fragile
And bought the album along with
The Downward Spiral
and With Teeth
And the world was never the same for me again.
Everything was dark and venomous
And all my writing
Had a new depth
Because I deliberately placed
As a fill in word.
If you’ve never tried it
Please stop what you’re doing
and try it now
Or try the sleeping part
It’s better
Trust me


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