Harper Valley #1

2015/01/img_56511.jpgPhoto origin (unknown)
Sam is kicking the wall…
I wake up to the TV blaring
Thanks to my sister
And Sam,my nephew
Screaming …
I cover my face with a pillow
And scream
I feel only a little better
This is fucking great
Just great

My sister opens the door
“Oh god,did Sam wake you up again?
I’m sorry.” Then she yells into the other room at Sam
“Sam! You little idiot,you woke up April.”
He stops kicking the wall…I hear the TV go down…
And his quiet voice apologetically
“Ohhh ..sorry Paypril.”
That’s what he calls me
Aunt Paypril

Carolyn grabs me first thing
She’s kind of shorter than me
So she pulls my face down
To yell in my face
But she can’t really help that
Her family is practically
I mean if that is scientifically possible
And it’s ok for me to say this
Because we’ve practically grown up together
But if anyone else says it
I’ll have to stab them

“Jerica lost her virginity,and she’s telling everyone about how bad it was
You’ve got to get in on this”
Carolyn kind of fell in step with me
On our way to the car

“Whoa,I don’t need to get on that.
This is the third time she’s lost her virginity this year.”

Carolyn shook her head
“I think it’s legit though,she’s upset.and it was bad
And he’s not talking to her or anything.”

“Oh for fucks sake
It’s not supposed to hurt
That’s so not true
If it does he was a real asshole
And didn’t
Take his time
The body is made for sex”

She was just looking at me blankly
And bored

“It’s science! 7 out of 12 women
experience pain every time
And think it’s supposed to be
And it’s not
It’s because they are not aroused
This is just shit they feed us
So they get theirs and we
Won’t complain!!”

I was pissed off
And mad
And on a soap box

But Carolyn just looked at me
And shook her head
“This- all of this-is why you’re going to be a crazy cat lady.not because of your lame ass generic looks.
You scare men away
And speaking of men
It’s Brett
The best the state of Ohio could do”
We tossed our books at him

“Whoa! Hey! watch the baby maker.”
He was totally panicking

“it won’t be making any babies
If you keep calling it that…”

“What? What’s wrong with my baby maker? And christ,
At least I won’t be adopting,
Like you two.”

Harper House

I always walk past Harper House
On my way home
It’s the oldest house in our small neighbourhood
Probably a couple hundred years old
Which is a lot for American homes
And I like to look at it
Although today
It is definitely burned down – At least partially 

I feel a hole in my chest
And cold like I’m going to be sick
I just stand there
Looking at it
No one’s lived in it for years
And it was never open
We never got to see inside it
something cold
And heavy comes over me
When I see it
a blue cloth fall from the window at the back of the house
And then
I see her
A little girl
Pale and
Back at me
I look quickly at the front of the house and then back again
But she’s gone

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