The minutes are hours

(Photo Origin, unknown )
When I was 14,I stood in front of a church for the first time.
Hands shaking-Six pages filled front and back.
My first sermon.
I was certain I was well over prepared.
It lasted approximately,
12 minutes.

When I was 18, I stood in front of another church
With a very different sermon
This would be my last
And I felt very much under prepared
It lasted
3 hours.
I lost my voice.
And hearing.

I remember when I started writing
It was because I had things to say
And I thought they were profound
Now I get choked up
From a dream …
Gabriel,feet shifting in sand
Fists clenched
A rider on a horse in the background
An overwhelming presence of strength.
Or sometimes
It’s a dream about Israel
But most of the time
I don’t sleep
So I get up and take a shower
And try to write

The state has decided to
Legalize gay marriage
But then,being indecisive,appealed it,
And then went for it again
But hey
It’s still illegal to own a vibrator or “sex toy”
(Punishable by up to 10 years in prison)
I keep meaning to google that one
Just to make sure it’s true
But then I forget

I saw where a poet got uncomfortable
And wrote long winded lines
Regarding vagina bullets

We are fighting for feminism
But caught up
In arguments
And fear of our own bodies
the minutes are hours

The kids are not alright
They’re getting sick
From preventable disease
The borders are open
And no one is watching
The minutes are hours
And we keep asking
For more – more – more time

I get up to write
But I don’t feel like a writer
I write it in notes
And I leave it in books

I fell in love with a nurse
And I asked her once
How she handled all of it
She said the coding
The fast pace
The parts that get your hands dirty
Humanity’s core
That’s what she loved
And that’s why you do it
But it’s always the children
That’s when it gets tough

Someone once said “it hurts to become ”
And sometimes it hits you
From no where
But you are star dust
And earths crust
With oceans under your skin
And just as a satellite wakes up
Beside a star
And finds a moon to land on
You have the blood of gods
Burning like Amber in your veins
And we will wake up
One by one
And we will not sleep…


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