The seizing heart

(Photo origin unknown)

They say when a person has a seizure,
Oxygen stops flowing to the brain.
rapid firing of energy lights up like the 4th of July.
And the body receives a surplus of commands and usually responds by shutting down…
Memory loss

I can tell you
For the rest of us
The minutes are hours
And we are much afraid

On the day
Of yours
I waited
And that was the hardest part
And I counted
The minutes
Feeling like hours
And realized all the things
I never said
I love your eyes
They level me
From across a room
I love your lips
your touch can burn me to the ground
I’ve never been afraid before
But just then
I was terrified
Of letting you down

They say the brain doesn’t get oxygen
During this electric storm
But then again
I don’t think I’ve ever breathe
just right
When I’m with you.
you set everything on fire
all I want is every night
And every day
With you


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