the blue cage 

I asked my grandmother 

About the war 

She told me that the year of the bomb

They named as many stars as they could 

And memorised them

So they could tell the difference 

The enemy and the war seemed very far away

While they collected stamps 

And learned to type and learned to sew

There was always  a fear of tommorow 

Later they hid behind fences on Sunday afternoons 

Falling in love 

While the world manufactured iron curtains to contain 

The human spirit 

Today,I woke up 

And our enemy’s don’t seem so far away 

Yet,we still fall in love 

Somewhere between the hours 

Of 12 and 2 am 

And while libraries burn 

And wars go on

And there’s fear of tommorow 

We kiss lips 

That taste like champagne 

My grandmother isn’t here anymore

But if she were 

She’d say 

“You remind me of someone I saw in a movie once!”

And if I asked her about all of this ‘fear’

She’d say  

“Whatever will be will be

The future is not ours to see


The human spirit cannot be contained 

By walls,wars or fear 

We are stardust and earths crust 

We were born to create”

And if I asked her about the year of the bomb 

She’d say 

She learned to sew and play piano 

She kissed lips that tasted like champagne 

She fell in love.

(Click to see the spoken word of This)

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