Earth 2

a short story…

The body, alone in the darkness. Drenched in the heat.The red sun burning a black light across the wasted planet.Moniters surrounding Toska give the only source of sound …casting blurred images of Presidential assassinations from centuries past.

There is no other sound.Toska, is alone.The planet is empty. Wasted after war.or perhaps,self destruction.

Three lights find Toska. A landing party of seven,searching for life.Here on Earth.The medical officer,examines her.

“Captain,this woman requires further care…Care I can’t give her here.This woman,this body isn’t human…I don’t know what it is…whatever she …or it IS it’s older than our data files.”

The Captain looks around the Dome capitol of the city..shakes his head at th ruins.

“Ok,let’s go.I want a science team to return and examine the city…try and find out what happened to this planet.Understood?.”

For three more days they wait 

Asking Toska questions 

But she remembers only through nightmares.and those are vague and hopeless.

“Captain,I’ve asked her a hundred different ways…I’ve used psychiatric charts…I’ve used sensation techniques.We’ve done everything but telekinesis on this thing.She doesn’t remember anything.She doesn’t even know who she is.” Said the medical officer.

The Captain just waved his hands and kept walking to the science department.

“Well,what has the science department found out? Come on…there has to be an answer.”

Inside ….

“I’ve got something…but you’re not going to like it.”

“Try me and see”

“This woman,She’s older than any planet in this solar system…she’s not human..she’s a legend…she didn’t survive the planet’s war…she was the war.”

Everyone stopped breathing…

“What do you mean,was the war?”

“I mean,captain.this woman,destroyed planet earth.She’s a planet Reaper…they originate out of dark matter and energy …dark galaxies …”

“You mean-a legend”

“Up til now,yes.But when we return to our planet with this woman.and she remembers who she-what she- is…the legend will become a very real history.”

Toska wakes up …

And looking at the sun 


And looking at the captain…

“What’s the matter captain …afraid of a little nightmare?”


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