Fight Club

Anyone ever see Fight Club?

Of course,If you’re a real fan …you’re not allowed to talk about it.But when you see a film like this,it really gets you thinking about things.Like …how you’ve never been in an actual fight in your life…I’m sure I’d do well…if my life depended on it.But for some people,fighting is like a super masculine thing…they talk about it all the time. I feel more like Jerry Seinfeld on the sidelines making commentary at this point …this is intelligence for you? I don’t get it? Were you born into this world of the fighting?. Is your home town Sparta? Well,that must be some homecoming game.
But seriously, I only ever fought with my older brother and that ended badly…glass somehow in the back of my scalp…it was just sad.But for some cultures, it is a real sign of power,a right of passage into adulthood.Son reaches a certain age and BAM kills the father.Adult. Here we give you a car,keep you on the insurance plan,save your room for when you’re thirty and all your dreams and success send you back home.
You also see street fighting as a big thing in the 18th,19th century. Sherlock Holmes , The Titanic , Gangs of New York.Can you imagine being able to  fight for money? In those conditions? It’s not that glorious.Let me tell you,you go see the Doctor,He’s finishing up with a patient-wiping down a meat cleaver- “what ya got kid,busted eye socket? Lemme get the wife’s darning box…”

It just doesn’t seem like that successful of a career….it’s great now…people make millions in it…you can Pay-Per view that knockout my friend…

But I think the real power was somewhere else

Look at General Electric, The steel companies, Sky scrapers ….bada-bing-bada-bang. A very different kind of power. Like the Godfather. There’s a much better film…

Make them an offer they can’t refuse…you know,like with a horse head in their bed…and if  you should have to cut somebody down…make sure you outsource the killing ….

 I guarantee you…wives and women had something to do with all of this success…’cause men just gravitate to blood and fights..that’s why pay-per view is still a thing…

If it weren’t for women giving us a plan for the day…we’d still be in the streets like Gangs of New York.

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