The Origin Of Writing (Bleeding Ink)


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The Origin Of Writing 




They don’t tell us 

where stories come from…


it feels like someone 

placing a book,


inside of us

And we read it…

That’s what it’s like for a writer 

We carry them 

Until we can’t anymore 

We feel them 

We try to write them 

And we scribble them in 

Red,blue and black ink 

On yellow paper and 




 type them out on typewriters

They don’t tell us where stories come from

They just come 

And we fall outside of the world 

For just a moment 

We don’t just read them 

We feel them 

And then 

We have to give them away 

Or they stay with us …

We try to be gentle with them 

But so often 

It’s words that are too big for our mouths 

And languages too deep for our hearts

Sometimes it’s flying….

But always 

It’s bleeding ink.

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