The Mermaid 


The issue of midnights.Of clocks striking twelve.Half moons and full dark.Oceans at the end of frade dreams.Fiction blending with reality, like the ocean blends with the night sky.

The issue has always been the quiet.Like the fair mystically alters after sunset,so the atmosphere quickens at the stroke of midnight.

Harlan,stands at the water’s edge.The grass falling,blanketed by the tide swelling in.

The quiet,Where you  play the piano …, he thinks, while staring at the body of water…blue – under a black inked sky.

He had,only a few decisions ago,been warm under mountains of blankets.Until he heard it…

Piano music softly and he unlocked the doors…and slipped outside,down to the beach…

He could hear it now …

From across the water 

A woman’s voice singing,too

Harlan,moved towards the melody 

only a half hour walk 

he began  to notice something 

the closer he got

the rockier the beach became

He began to think about 

How whales wash up on shore 

And why they don’t just evolve 

Into something different 

Rather than dying …

after sometime 

And some stumbling 

He circled the span of the beach 

The singing was softer now

But he could see her 

Sitting at a piano 

Up to her knees in water 

Her white dress moving with the water 

He looked down…

The water was less clear …


Like ink 

The stones were so slippery 

The music stopped 

The voice faded across the distance 

He lifted his eyes 

Looking …

Something heavy weighed in his chest

Like a chain pulling him to the earth

 chilling the atmosphere

There was only water 

The piano was gone …

Leaving everything  immensely quiet

The kind of quiet 

That makes everything loud

He could almost hear the blood moving through his veins

The water was still as glass

He across it once more 

For the piano 

There she was 

Like a shadow 

Or a trick of the mind …

a lady in the water

Soaked in a black dress 

Standing still 

Covered in shadows 

His heart was pounding now 

Like a train 

But his legs wouldn’t work 

Darker ….

It was getting darker 

He looked for the moon 

And the piano 

Then back at her 

She was standing still 

But closer,somehow, he was sure of it.

A cold air moved across the surface 

Of water as if someone had opened an ice box

Harlan could feel her moving closer 

With  the tide 

rocking against the shore …

The moon was sinking into the ocean 

It was getting darker 


She was closer 


Full Dark…

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