Brave New World 


Please stop the glorification of the madness vase.

Art does not have to be the showcase with a back drop–a black hole. 

There is nothing beautiful about suicide…

there is nothing glorious about your skin feeling like it is peeling…

The truth is 

This is life for some of us 

I live it 

But we don’t have to glorify it.

I want real art 

I want to create something 

That will outlive my depression 

I want God 

I want sin 

I want truth 

I want the relationship 

That he bled out and died for 

I want the one that he spent days praying alone in a garden until he sweat blood for 

I want that 

Not a prosperity message 

I want the one that he believed in 

I want real art 

I want the kind of America 

That birthed industries 

I want the kind of get your hands dirty 

That gave us the most powerful military and most respect  of any country in the world 

I want light …

Not the way that I feel 

Because the way that I feel 


Is really low 

Like my lungs are filling with water 

And I can’t breathe 

Like my skin is peeling off 

And I think about John Steinbeck and the winter of our discontent 

When we were young 

We used to play soldiers

And if we ever thought about death 

We’d only hear a gun 

But now 

We have options 

We have overdoses 

We have “he for she”

And we know 

“No is a full sentence “

We have confusion 

We have prosperity 

We have self hate 

And self promotion 

We have lines 

Inside lines 

And boxes inside circles 

Now, we talk about turning into our parents 

And our future doesn’t look so good 

But let me say this 

You are not those voices…

You are not your father 

Who raped your mother 

And love doesn’t have to hurt 

And everything doesn’t go 

Just because it’s a marriage bed 

And his love isn’t painted 

In shades of black and blue 

your future is yours 

And religion is only between you 

And God 

No one else 

It’s about the truth that you know 

That’s what you are accountable for 

That’s your eternity 

Either it’s true and every man a liar 

Or it’s a lie 

And there is nothing else after this earth dissolves 

I like to believe there is life 

And life more abundantly 

But that’s just me 

We don’t have to be our parents 

And love doesn’t have to hurt 

And our future is ours 

We don’t have to be afraid 

Of what we don’t know

We can ask the tough questions 

Because we have to live in the answers 

And the solutions 



Is ours 

You are not automatic 

Because you grew up 

To the beat of a fist 

And the echo of a gun 

You are 


You are valleys 

You are rivers 

You are skies 

You are mornings 


And nights 

You are love 

You are strength 

You are mighty 

And you are the only thing that 

Captures God’s full attention 

When you pray 

Look at us 

They told us to fear the future 

To give it up 

Beause it’s too complicated 

Because we messed it up 

Before we even had time 

To live in it 

But it belongs to us …

 we don’t have to be afraid 

Here we are 


And love doesn’t hurt 

And we are not our fathers 

We are not our mothers 

We are not our streets

We are not those fists 

We are not those guns 

We feel every river 

And every storm 

But we will make 

Good art 

We will forge 

And cultivate our future 

Because tomorrows

Are born from  todays

And after all …

What else is there?

This is what we do 

This is who we are

And we are brave 

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