The summer the world went away



There’s something about driving 

You don’t have to actually be anywhere 

You just drive …

Maybe I’m hoping I can forget 

Or just shut it off 

With the war…

And Justin being gone 

I know our family 

And Milton House 

Is definitely going to continue 


I think that’s why I fight 

The streets 

It’s survival 

And it’s something 

I can lose in 

It doesn’t require finance 

It requires strength 

And sometimes 

I have almost lost 

There’s a lot of strength 

And skill in the streets ….


older than money and names 

And too dirty for the military 

You can’t replace it 

You can only beat it 

Of course no one knows 

If they knew 

Great day 

I wouldn’t be able to finish this last semester …

You think the war is bad now?

That would be a headline …

Write me soon. 

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