Harper Valley #3


Sylvia’s perfect pitched voice accompanying her name brand walking bill board style, accosted me in the hallway,just between classes. “Hey,hey, skank. Are you going to the bonfire tonight?.” 

“Hang out with you,and a bunch of horny, pizza faced boys,all trying to stay up past midnight? …let me try and hold back my enthusiasm.”

“I have some girlfriends coming over too…if that’s more your thing…”

I just stared at her…”Sylvi,I hate men.but that doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian.” 

“Yeah ok…look I have a  Ouija board …and besides that…we’re having it at Harper House…but…(she looked away,as if not to care) if you don’t want to go,I guess we will manage without you. It’s just an old house with lots of empty rooms.”

“Hold on,Sylvi…just …curse you…fine..I’ll try and make it.You witch.”

She tossed her hair and flashed another billboard smile…I imagined her in one of those dental hygiene commercials,you know,the ones where everyone is happy.They make the toothpaste appear miraculously to cure depression and pay off all student loans… “splendid.I’ll let the girls know.” She said just before strutting away.

Night School 

Harper House is even more terrifying at night. And there really wasn’t that many of us there. Carolyn of course and Rachael….Sylvia…and Ariel,who Carolyn insisted upon coming because she had just experienced a miscarriage…with …oh what’s his name…Robbie ? Was it Robbie? seems like a cheap name…very generic…maybe it was the other guy…the animal shelter guy.I don’t know.Not my monkeys. The night was filled with drunken chaos-naturally- I will Spare you the details of all the madness…Eric insisted upon groping every girl present,and his winning hook line and sinker was that ‘ we have the cure for a zombie apocalypse…it just has one side affect…Gay Autism.’ 

Who could possibly see where he was going wrong…there was just too many holes in his game.

inevitably we were  persuaded  along with our ouija board to an open window in the house…which just happened to be …the library.  



One empty library 






Outside it started to rain 

A real thunderstorm 

You could feel the air thicken 

As Sylvi lit the candles and started things off …

Touching the Oracle 

“Is there anything in here?

Tell us what you know?”

Nothing happened …

We all looked at each-other

Then scratches appeared on Sylvi’s wrist and Ariels phone started ringing 

She looked at it 

Then over at me

“Why are you calling me April?”

I shook my head 

“I’m not-my phone is outside.Use speaker phone.”

At first there was just static

But you could hear someone walking above us in the stairwell

And then the sound of a rocking chair 

And a crying baby 

Over the phone 

We all froze 

I jumped up first

Followed by the others 

we were running outside in the same direction,to the car.

I grabbed my phone out of the side pocket….

“It’s dead.”

I looked at Ariel.She was soaking wet from the storm and the run..but you could tell she was crying…we all were pale…and frankly scared shitless.

I looked at the house again 

The porch 

The windows 

The darkness that surrounded it 

Then I saw her 

Step into the window 

Staring at us 

In her blue dress 

I looked at the girls and back again 

But she was gone 

There was only the curtain 

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