Light it up Blue 




Children tell me things 

Well,people tell me things

I don’t know why 

They just do 


A five year-old 

Blond hair down to her knees 

Always tells me 

Absolutely EVERYTHING she has done 

Since the last time I’ve seen her 

And then she asks about my tattoos 

And she may or may not 

Tell me about the current situation 

Regarding her birthday 

And an absolute need for the Ninja Turtles to be there 

And then I tell her mother about my writing 

Or any person for that matter 

I’ve tried to insert it in a very cool way 

I wrote it on poker cards 

Because that’s cool 

And hip 

You know,

“here’s a card 

A poker card 

It has been written on 

With my typewriter 

And doubles as a book mark “

But after like card number fifty five 

You get pretty bored 

And just start writing on paper 

Or sending people the link instead 

Because that’s easier 

Reagan is a real help 

He always asks about my writing 

And he’s doing really good now too 

I’ve written about Reagan  before 

He has autism 

Which is a spectrum disorder 

But recently 

He has driven a plane 

He has shot a gun 

He has built his own volcano 

And reads prolifically 

Autism is NOT something you should be nervous about 

He has done really well 

He even knows not to take me literally 

For example 

88 percent of the time 

He says “oh,you’re just kidding aren’t you?”

Because,he knows, that yeah,I’m not secretly Iron  Man. 

And it doesn’t rain Jello from the sky.

So yes.


April 2nd 

We tip our hats to you guys 

All of you 

Who have these mighty Autistic loved ones. 

It is not a weakness 

It is a super power 

One thought on “Light it up Blue 

  1. Ethan, I have no words to describe how this touched my heart. You have always been special to me, I hope you know that. I knew there was something big for you to do from the first time we met when you were only 15/16 years old. I remember the times we prayed with each other in the Foodland parking lot, totally unashamed of passers by. And yes Gracie sees it in you too and is drawn to you like a magnet. I have sit here this morning and just cried at your God-given talent and emotion!!!! Thank you for sharing your website with me!!!!!!

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