The Dream Catcher 

  (Photo origin unknown)

I knew a girl once,who could paint a portrait so real…it was like a window.All you had to tell her,was whatever dream was on your mind.and she would deliver you an image.She couldn’t talk.But she could sign,and children loved her….she would paint animals,and fairy tales.Entire worlds,that they could escape in. Everyone loved her.but they always asked for words….

I knew a boy, who , everyone said talked too much…he couldn’t calm down…

I used to watch him pass by her studio 

Every Thursday 

They say 

Autistic people shouldn’t love 

Or are incapable of real love 

But I don’t think that’s the case 

The thing was 

He had worlds inside his head 

And she, galaxies inside her hands 

Neither one 

Could handle large groups of people 

There was just too much energy 

Too much going on 

It wasn’t that they didn’t care 

It was that they felt 

Every emotion in a room 

And it was an overload 

I remember he would leave her letters 

And she would read them 

pulling her hair back over her ear 

Paint staining her elbows 

And ankles 

Finally one Thursday 

He didn’t come by 

And she looked for him at the window 

All afternoon 

His sister had passed away in a car accident…

It was a Sunday 

When he showed up 

Out of schedule 

In the rain 

After the funeral 

He didn’t say anything 

He just sat down beside her 

And rested his head in her lap 

I knew a girl once who could paint you a window….

But people asked for words 

Until she met  a boy 

Who could feel the words 

In her hands . 


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