New York #9



(Photo Origin 

“They changed the Cadbury eggs”

“What?!,why would they do that?. Did they learn nothing from the Wonder ball?. How can they make it better? Pack it with glitter?, Pretzels? Oh my gosh this really gets under my skin.”

I started cleaning a glass,pretending to be upset…which is something impossible to do at Jo’s Bar…my sister has a way of bringing out the the best humour in people.

“You seriously like them? I hate them…they’re nasty.” She practically scowled at me…

“Hey,turn that frown upside down,you are too blessed to be stressed.”

She was glaring at me now…

“Ok ok…or not …”

I was surrendering at this point. Which meant I got to pour shots …

“I lost my glasses…”


“I can’t find them…I have no idea where I put them.They just– vanished”

“don’t use my good glasses for shots”

“I know that…I’m talking about my reading glasses…for my eyes…I’ve been blind all day.Maybe I won’t die from alcohol poisoning” 

“For the last time,you don’t get alcohol poisoning from one drink dumbass.”

I did three shots 

“Oh god,there it is.I see white…if this is white…you should really clean those bathrooms again.”

Jo didn’t even look up at me 

“Mhhm.  Crap…I’m a penny short…damn”

“What’s a penny got to do with it?”

“Well,I don’t want to have to count all these pennies again…”

I dug in my pocket and tossed her a penny…

“I should buy some jeans…or any clothes really.these are getting old”

Jo stopped wiping the counter 

And just looked at me…

“You need to go see Sarah 

She has some photographs for you”

I looked around the room

Some old men playing chess 

The clock on the wall above the piano 

 12 pm 

Outside people were just being people 

Running –running–headfirst into whatever happened to hit them first

“Fine,I didn’t really want to do that you know…”

Jo’s voice echoed from  under the bar

“You never want to do anything.You could have told me you were back, you know.”

“I know….It would be much easier …if I weren’t so ..socially bi-polar.”

“That’s normal….don’t worry about it….I have to deal with Todd,you get to reunite with Annabel and Sarah…they should know you are home…”

“Whoa…Todd? You can’t possibly expect me to let that go….”

She pointed her fist at me,dish towel in hand…

“Shut it smart ass.”

“Hey, I’m glad for you…I was beginning to think you were gay.Which is totally fine by the way…I just really thought that was why you called me here.”


“Well,you’re always single…you have a bar…you dress very — masculine …I’ve been gone a year and a half.Things happen…(she slugged me in the arm) Ow! …nnnnd you punch like Mike Tyson. Jesus,Jo.”

I raised my hands in mock defeat 

“I’m going,see,this is me,leaving the building….I’m going to be social.”

Jo hopped up on the counter crossing her legs 

“Hey,tell me what the big gift is…you have to come back here and tell me the gift.Remember.”

“Got it.will do.If I don’t forget.”

I stepped outside and started towards the Sarah’s apartment …God what could she have for me?  I haven’t seen her in a year …photographs ….photographs …photographs of Laura. There it was. 

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