The Matrix 


the matrix (1999) 

Remember The Matrix?. I do. Mostly,because I drank a Surge and got a big dose of nostalgia for things like Surge,Hi C, and things that happened in 1999

This was a great film and even better trilogy.IF you rented it. it had that cool aspect that only films in 1999-(the year the world was ending.Was the Y2K even real? What was real?) overpacked with information-featuring robot bugs digging around in someone’s stomach could have.(you know you remember) However,when it was on TV–Back when good things were still on the Television.Like Friends and Frasier and remember that Yahoo commercial? Man,who would’ve thought Google would crush that.But like I was saying…when it was on TV …you got a whole other film…I know …because I tried to watch it when I was like …I don’t know…Ten or so…and keep in mind…I’m Ten. The longest film I’ve seen is Jurassic Park.Saving Private Ryan. Maybe,Gone With The Wind …it always took a whole weekend much to our dismay (it was my sisters favourite) There was no Netflix.Google was only a year or so out of the box. Cell phones had green screens and you were lucky if you got to play Tetris. What I’m getting at is this.

Unless it was Saturday morning and you were Spiderman Or Batman…maybe Gundam Wing…or Dragon Ball Z …I did not have time for you. I was an active kid…I had 40 acres of Woodland territory to get lost in…(much to my parents hopes I’m sure) 

But back to the matrix.

This thing is such a different film on TV. I’m sitting there. Neo is in leather and sunglasses. Dodging bullets.Effing bullets!! I get up to get pop corn or I don’t know …use the bathroom…make a sandwhich. Come back. Hey-ho! New film! Dude’s on a space ship vomiting everywhere! With ports in the back of his neck…Get up for more drinks that were NOT Surge (I had a heart thing that would not permit the consumption of Surge) and come back,Neo is dodging bullets again!! 

I thought for like two years these were two different films. Seriously. Until we had a marathon of the thing at a friends house. 

So yeah.I watched the whole thing again a couple of years ago…made sure I had my food …my beverages and wouldn’t miss a thing. and you know what. I still have no idea what it’s about. But occasionally I may quote 

“Good evening Mr. Anderson.” 

To show that I was there…

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