Harper Valley #4

 ( photo origin – Dark Mixed Media Artworks by Jarek Kubicki)

Mother May I?

I spent the last few days of summer break,looking up the history of Harper House. The real history.Public files,the whole nine yards. It was late. And I was tired. So I rallied some help. considering the last events. I felt that this may be a much bigger thing than what was just appearing to be black and white. So I asked Brett to help me. Which was not too difficult. Since. He has a paranoia of anything mystic…but is equally intrigued and looks out for my well being. 

My phone rang sometime around midnight…”hello?” It was Brett…

“April…you’re not going to believe this…there’s two. If you think this has been bad…just wait.”

“Wait till what,Brett?.Speak English,much?”

“He was married…here I sent you an email.check out these apples.”

And sure enough 

There it was 

I opened the attachment 

A marriage certificate from the state of Georgia …

Mr. Harper…. What did you do with your wife? 

My phone started static 

And I could feel something sit down on the corner of the bed ….

So I turned on my camera and recorded….

And then played it back …

Just cold static …

And then a voice …

“We hate her.that bitch”

And then it got up from the bed 

And slammed the door….
I called Brett and as fast as I could.

“Brett, you have to meet me at the cemetery.”

“Hell no!”

“Brett! If June Stevens can get it on in a cemetery ..you can help me read some stones.”

“Fuck No. We are not getting it on at the cemetery.STP – That’s a thing called ‘sexually transmitted possession.’ And I am not a supporter of that.”

“Brett. If Mr Harper was married. Where was his wife? Why didn’t anyone know about her? And when did she die?”

“Damn it….ok.” He said reluctantly. 

The graveyard 

We couldn’t find the graves 

We checked every one twice 

Harper house 

I stopped by on my way home 

And there she was in the window 

A figure in black 

And then she faded away 

If everything’s been a little girl 

What has the mother been saving for us?

What really happened in that house?

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