Harper Valley #5

 (Image origin unknown)
Hide and seek 

Brett and I returned to the house the following night. He wasn’t too excited about though. ” calm down,moron. I told you, I left the ouija board at home.” I said. 

I could feel him jump 

“Shhh!! It’s not that.God. I’m fine, I just don’t understand why we have to come over here at night. I don’t know if ghosts or spirits have a schedule but if they do I’m pretty sure it’s at night….” He said. Looking at the stairs.

I started up them with my light. The house was darker.and much much colder. It was like the hallway was alive–as soon as you reached the top…. You could feel something watching you. I froze. My skin crawling.  I tried to lighten the weight. Brett was still mumbling to himself coming up behind me.

” oh come on. You’ve never been in an empty house before? I just wanted to get it on — you know. ”

“I will make you….”

He stopped mid sentence at the top of the stairs… 

“The house is alive.”

” no…it’s in the room at the end of the hall. She’s here”

I started toward the doorway.

” what!…” Brett said. “unfinished life-unfinished life.that’s what this is. I can see the headline now…This is madness. If this has anything to do with the seventh grade field trip…I’m sorry. I’m really sorry about the tarantula.I didn’t know you throw  up when you get scared.”

I stopped.slowly turned around. 

” I do not  throw up when I get scared.That was a one time thing! I can’t believe you’ve thought that for five years.” 

“Oh look a piano!” Brett said. Attempting to change the subject. 

I continued down the hall. To the door. When I took hold of the handle- the piano started playing behind us. I could hear Brett whispering ‘no no no’


Inside it was colder. But it appeared to be in order. A bed. Everything in a bedroom. A rocker by the window.  And a closet. I could hear a woman singing in the closet. The piano-playing in the hallway. I walked over to the door. Picture frames flew across the room. The rocker,rocking at the window.

  I opened the door. Everything in the house stopped.Even the air went still. Brett walked up beside me. ” What the heck is that? Why did she want us to open this door?”

It was a blue cage. Paint peeling. Maybe half the size of the closet.

And then it hit me. Right in the gut… In the corner of the cage there was a pillow made from fragments of blue cloth. 

“Because this was her room. Behind this door. This is where she died.Oh mister Harper….” 

I had to investigated further. Walking out of the room I ran my hand along the wall…. And stopped when I felt an echo…or draft…

It was in the middle of the house…I looked around in a circle….

“Brett,Harper House has always had a chimney hasn’t it?”

He looked at me over his glasses…”yeah…”

“Then where is it?”

“Oh well that’s easy just look for he ….hmmm.” There wasn’t s fireplace. 

“Brett,go get me an axe. The fireplace is here somewhere.” 


I hacked open the wall and there they were. Two bodies of bones. ” I guess mister Harper had secrets.” I said.

I lit the fireplace  And left the house.

“We have to graduate tomorrow,Brett. Let’s go home.” 

“Sounds good to me.” 

No one knows what exactly Mister Harper did to his wife and daughter.

It would just be legend added to legend…inside a creepy old house. In a community that all has their own closets and fireplaces. 

I’m just glad they were able to rest. 

We all deserve that much. 

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