Something’s under row 5

 (Image origin unknown) 

The theater is dark. The day is Halloween. The screen lights up….a thriller flick. Blood and clowns,you know the kind. Young adults and teenagers scream at all the appropriate moments.

Nancy Alderidge is here with her boyfriend….

 40 minutes in.

She feels something gril her ankles. 

“Stop that,babe.”

“Shhh.I’m watching.”

“Babe.for real.”

Anthony lifts the popcorn showing her both his hands.

She looks down around her feet…,

The grip tightens.Cutting into her skin.she looks to her left and sees a smiling face with bright orange hair. Jacked up teeth. And yellow eyes. 

“Anthony!” She screams

“Shhh!! Babe just watch the movie”

She tries to get up but the hands won’t let her.

She looks back to her left but the figure isn’t there

She looks at the rows of people in front of her.Then sees its face looking at her just three rows down.

She can’t breathe…she can’t breathe. She can feel the hands on her neck. She can’t move. She can’t….

The movie stops. A chink in the reel. Lights start illuminating the room in a dim light. Anthony leans towards Nancy. “Hey what’s with this…”

But she’s dead. 

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