Come on,man.Pull yourself together. 

In case you’ve been wondering,I’m still here. I’ve been writing as well. Just not here.But I have been writing. The writing is being done. It’s being sent to contest and magazines…and as a matter of fact…one piece is being published soon. (I will tell you more when I hear more from the publisher. Promise)

  It’s a strange feeling too. I’ve never been published before. Now,technically we all are published today…in regards to history and our profession;we are more published and available on demand. Than anyone ever dreamed possible. And I can say this too. Because the New York Times considers any submission that has been published on a blog or anywhere on line “published” just look at their submission guidelines. They won’t consider it for submission unless,it is fresh. Which tells me…we are doing actually pretty darn well.

So I have been writing…and considering my traffic flow here online I asked to be paid for adds and all that…you know …to make money by being a “blogger” I am after all a “millennial” or whatever. And then I did what all good spontaneous minds do…I stopped writing. 

And instead- ignored the ideas…for example; why doesn’t FB have a security thing that really helps people…if your relationship status is bypolar,or you contradict yourself too often with the content of page and statuses. It just won’t let you post. A flag comes up saying “hold on…we know what you’re doing here…and we want to help you out. So take some time…and get your shit together…and then come back later.”

Red box does it with your debit card after you’ve rented a movie so long they charged you $100 american dollars…”yes…” They said “you got to keep the Notebook,after three weeks and we our thankful for your patronage but we want to save you the embarrassment.We know how you are with remembering things.your bank account thanks you.”

There was like three other movies involved as well…but…I got to keep them. And to his day-three years later- I cannot use red box to rent things. So I use my sisters Netflix account instead. 

FB should have something like that. But then we couldn’t eat popcorn and laugh at people could we?.

And I didn’t write about that conversation where my sarcasm got the best of me….and old mothers laughed historically. Yes,historically.

“A dam broke in’s a big deal.”


I’m going to continue writing now.

Good writing.

Because I can.

And I’m still here.

And I thank you for all your support.

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