when you first start writing.You want to be good. Really good. You want to be the BEST. Capable of drinking Hemingway under the table, if you will.  And they tell you …all the good books anyway…”you have to go through the bad writing.” 

And you do. Bad writing happens. Poor grammar. Shallow storylines. Too much description. Too many darlings and not enough murders. 

Bad writing happens. Just like bad holidays. And even worse thanksgivings. Or birthdays. Anniversaries. All of it-if it hasn’t happened yet,will happen. Because it happens , like life happens. 

So work through it. Keep writing. Bad,rough edged, too sharp to handle, too soft to digest writing. You need all of it. Otherwise, how else would you recognise the great writing when it’s there.  

I always told myself-and this is just me- that I would never write an opinion post. Or a how to post. I would  simply write what I thought I should be writing. I would write what I wanted to read. Like rather than saying “this is what’s wrong with America or literature” start doing very American things…start writing bookish literature…I still think that. 

But here we are. This is probably bad writing, haha. But keep writing. For the damned. The hellish, the brave. Keep writing. 


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