This house 

 Origin unknown 

I don’t know what brought you here.You,the reader. But I know,you matter. You see,you are the reason we put pen to paper. The idea of you. The small child after dancing class,reading our words put into sentences…the college student …reading between text books. 

Maybe we are no Harper Lee.

And maybe we can’t drink Hemingway under the table. 


You are the common denominator…

You matter. 

We write in our minds…And finish in your imagination. 

We try it out at first. In many other people’s voice. But eventually. You find your light. And you take it. No matter how dimly lit. You make your way. We love words. We love the paper. We love the vision. But we need the reader. Hunched over the book,just one more page. We need the romance you bring. 

You matter. 

You matter. 

Thank you for what you bring to the page. 

Because regardless of what we say.We all somehow believe,all of our characters know you. And you fall in love with them along the way. 


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