I love you.I think I have always loved you. You’ve changed my life,for the better. You’re not just a beautiful woman. You’re a beautiful human being.I know I struggle with depression and anxiety…I know I’ve spent my life trying to be something amazing or something I can’t quite understand.But-with you.I become that man.

More than I ever thought possible. 

You did that. 

And I love you. 

I love you. 

I love,love love you. 

You’re not just my best and closest friend.

You’re the love of my life. . .

And I’m standing here now 

Because I want to grow old with you 

I want to keep doing this 

Because we are amazing together.
That’s what I was going to say 

But I forgot …

I forgot 

They don’t tell you that part 

On TV 

Everything goes smoothly 

Everything is scripted 


In real life 

You light 70 candles 

It takes 25 minutes 

And that’s longer than any shower 

So it’s probably good that you didn’t wait for her to be in the shower 

That plan would have failed epically 

And in real life 

Some of those candles die 

And you panic 

Thinking she will walk in to

70 dead candles 

70 candles smell like Christmas 

70 dead candles smell like sulphur and sweatshops…

In real life 

She walks in 

And you forget 

Because you’re shaking 

And you can’t breathe 

And she is beautiful 

And you think about everything …

The first day you saw her 

The first time you kissed her 

The night she was in the hospital 

And you climbed in bed with her 

You think about all of it.

The night she came over 

In the middle of a thunderstorm 

Because you had to see each other 

And you stayed up watching 

Buffy and Frasier

The list goes on…

Because it’s real 

You fired her from her first job

It’s not scripted – I swear –

You think about all of these things 

Seeing her for the first time again 

And hitting on her 

At the grocery store 

Opening her breakfast cookies 

And eating them 

Her getting mad

Calling you an ass hole 

But asking you to go to the circus 
You giving her your key 

After she has a car accident 

You want her to be able to come over anytime-even if it’s just to sleep-

And her asking you nervously

If you want to move in together 

And now here we are 

She actually proposed three months ago 

While we were on the couch 

Watching Cary Grant films…

This just makes it official.

A ring.

Rose petals 

And 70 candles…
I was going to do it on a thursday

We were both off


I passed an accident on the way to pick up the ring.and another on the way home the next night. I didn’t want to wait.

I don’t believe in perfect timing 

I believe in telling the people we love 

What they mean to us 

And taking care of them.

And I believe we are great together 

And I believe I love you 


Every day .

And then she comes home.

That’s the great part 

it’s not scripted. 


One thought on “Scripted

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. You are a lovely young man. I am positive she is an amazing young lady for her to have gotten such a special young man. Best wishes to your beautiful lives together. I hope one day to see you all again and meet your soon to be bride.

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