The Walk 

Science says we are all 

The same family 

The shades of our skin 

And our differences 

Are small technicalities 

As they were shaped 

Over time by our environment

We have a lot of arguments 

We have too many differences 

We have too much history 

We have too much baggage 

We have too many roads to cross 

Too many hands 

With not enough fingers 

Too much blood 

With not enough guns 

Too much to blame 

But not enough names 
I remember a poem I read once 


“We’re all just walking each other home.”

-Ram Dass

Maybe that’s what this is 
We are all 

In this together 

We are all the same family 

Our mothers 

And their mothers 

Who woke up 

And saw visions of their loved ones 

In uniform 

Prayed until they fell back asleep 

They were feeling their loved ones heartbeat

in that empty space 

Of the bed 

They were walking them home 

 it’s never the moments 

you prepared for 

that you will remember 

It’s the unexpected 

Your wife 

Getting out of the car 

On your first date 

With a tank top 

And maxi skirt 

You don’t know that will 


one of your favorite 


Not at the time 


How could you?
So I say again …


We are in this together 

We don’t know 

What memory 

We will carry with us 

In this portfolio 

In this life
Feel the heartbeat 

See the room 

We all are capable 


Love like this 

That spans a lifetime 


 (Photo origin unknown)



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