The one about flags and sex 

(I write a lot..and at times I try to be funny. Here are some edited things I have Taken from one 17 page letter I wrote to my fiancé. Enjoy.)

So,America legalised gay marriage. And the weirdest thing happened…I woke up this morning and still wanted to have morning sex with you…I didn’t suddenly become gay…that’s Crazy right?.

Meanwhile Germany started flying swastikas from the back of their volkswagons…you know, for pride and heritage…oh wait…that’s the American South. 

I’d like to think that all of this means we will talk about things …like you and me talk about things…but everyone will probably just walk around quietly and save it all for social media…because that’s worked really well so far in the past 14 years…

I wonder what Hitler would be posting if he had social media? Probably a bunch of scripture and struggling status’s on the progress of his memoir “my struggle”

I saw a politician say something about a kid that was shot …and he said “he deserved it because he was dressed like a gangsta”

Someone else said 

“Obey those in authority…no matter what.Because that’s what the bible says to do”

“He dressed to entice his murderer”

And I thought to myself …

Boy there’s all kinds of wins for the south this year.Try saying any of that at a feminest rally.see how far it gets you.”

You know,Einstein said to question authority and always always follow your conscience.Even if it means breaking the law. I like Einstein. Let’s vote for him. Oh wait…he’s dead. Noooooo 

I like that we can talk about things…which is surprising because I was homeschooled and a lot of homeschoolers don’t talk about anything…not all …but some…some experiences go a lot like …

“We’re not going to let you go to public school because they brainwash you.So you stay here where we will tell you what to think instead.Here,have some money”

Granted that’s not everyone but  it’s really like 50/50 which is only human nature. 

And still. Neither experience talks about sex. We live in a nation that sells it. But nobody talks about it. And somehow everyone learns about it. We all remember it though. I remember my dad trying to tell me about it. Because that’s what parents are supposed to do. I felt so bad for him. 

He made me watch horses. Horses. I do believe that may be the most southern thing I have ever said. I learned about sex and the human experience by observing Horses.

Which is a lot like dogs. Only everything is BIGGER and there’s kicking and dust and BITING (which is a lot like humans) and I remember they broke the barn. And then my dad saying “get closer,real close so you can see. Now a woman will enjoy this a lot more.” 

I tell you this…those words…came back to me every time I heard a woman talking about sex as I grew older  And I wondered if perhaps all men had observed horses…or if we were perhaps just doing it wrong…because clearly our women were not enjoying it MORE than the barn breaking session I observed that day…

(And then some closing things I cannot publish for you because it’s a little fresh.) 

Have a great week. 

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