The House You Grew Up In

  (Image origin unknown)

You used to wait outside late at night 

As long as You could 

And imagine God speaking 

The weight of a word 

And the Big Bang 

The universe 



Like a heavy quilt …
You used to wait until the fog 

And the coyotes came out 

And then You would go inside 
It wasn’t the whispering 

Or the movements 

Throughout the night 

The voice of someone in your ear 

waking you up 

(You never could sleep)

It wasn’t the termite holes 

At eye level 

In the walls 

Or the draft at the kitchen window 

The plumbing never quite finished 

Or the septic tank 

Open in the back yard 

I don’t know what it was …

It was just the feeling 

The feeling that this wasn’t normal 

Your stories 

Related more to 

A 1930s immigrant 

And you knew 

As people turned their head 

And you read as much as you could 

That you could leave 

That it wasn’t ok 

It wasn’t  ok…

It was just this restlessness 

That even as a child 

You carried  with you

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