Super Heroes and Golf 

Marvel needs to make a Black Widow movie. Someone made a SpongeBob  movie. So just in case you don’t like The super friends -I mean- “Justice League” Or  (face palms) The Antman movie.They put Billions and Billions of dollars into a live action SpongeBob movie. And he’s a superhero.

Antman.Justice league. SpongeBob. 

Our children are doomed to grow up saying “swiper no swiping” to crime and writing “I want to be spongebob” on exams. When I was growing up. I always had a crush on Storm and black widow. But hey this …

 Is almost the same thing. Right?.

 Do you remember Lucy?  

  I do. I can’t remember how long the movie was. But it was awesome. And intelligent without feeling as long as interstellar. 

There are just certain bad investments. Like that summer I played golf…

 Yeah ,yeah…Antman can be tiny. But so were The Borrowers and those people in that TV show,Land Of The Giants.  

All of which. Is better than Antman. 


Go be a borrower. Or a giant. 

Read Harry Potter. 

Unless you can be Natasha Romanoff.Or Batman. Then go be that. 

Or marvel?

 Just give us a Black Widow will make bank, trust us on this. 

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