September has always been one of my favorite months. Partially because it is my birth month. And because fall starts,and everything from now,straight on to New Years is wonderful. Plus – apparently

This happened. Now I don’t know, I mean, I wasn’t there. But it’s still a great piece of work. Just look at that man on the moon.

It’s time to break out Harry Potter to read again. And drink hot chocolate mixed with coffee.

It’s time to write about anything.

Absolutely anything.  I once wrote a story about Christmas ornaments and snow bunnies. I’m not saying it was good. But I wrote it. I also wrote about a haunted Easter bunny that ate lazy children.

Man,this time of year is my favorite

You have no idea.

It’s September

It’s time for old films


And dancing

It’s time

For days in bed

And early mornings writing

It’s time to relax

And just let yourself go

Just like nature

It plunges into one last creative work

And look at it

With all of our passion

What could we do

As we store up from all that is around us

Maybe it’s just me

Maybe I’m an empath

Maybe I just collect things

Maybe we were just meant to create

With good energy

And passion

With hard lines

And sharp colours

With language

With tears

What else is there ?

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